Roscoe A. Bartlett, Ph.D.
Computational Software Engineer and Researcher
Employer: Sandia National Laboratories
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Roscoe provides leadership, technical expertise, knowledge, and experience in applying and researching the application of modern software engineering methods to computational science and engineering (CSE) problems for a variety of large, complex CSE projects. This work leverages his background in chemical engineering, applied math, large-scale nonlinear programming, software development, software integration, software engineering best-practices, and over 20 years of doing numerical algorithm and software development and software engineering on large and small computational science and engineering projects. Roscoe’s more recent interests focus on software engineering processes and workflows for creating individual packages of sustainable software and sustainable ecosystems of packages shared among large distributed teams of developers.

Resume/CV provides a summary of Roscoe’s education and work experience and a link to his detailed CV. Also see the listing of his professional interests and a list of selected publications and presentations. Finally, an annotated reading list is provided for Roscoe’s recommendations for several great books on software engineering and C++ programming. (These books and the application of the principles and practices described therein provided a majority of Roscoe’s self-taught education on C++ programming and software engineering.)


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